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Our Founder and CEO

Mr. Pleickhardt has been passionate about Technology and helping customers achieve total satisfaction for over 20 years.

This is his Story;

“Ever since I was about 8 or 9 years old in the ’80s, I was very passionate about Technology. It all started with a touch-tone telephone. As a young kid, sure I went out and played with my friends, rode bikes, played in the mud, and did all of the kid stuff you would expect. But I wasn’t passionate about that as much as I was about Technology.

As a kid, I had more fun taking my parents’ touch-tone telephone and hiding behind the couch, and exploring its technology. At the time I had read a tech magazine about how awesome phones were to play with and all of the neat things you could do with them. I learned about telephone * and # codes and started to keep a journal of what each code would do when I dialed it. Eventually, the phone company called my parents, and the jig was up for me. Though I did keep up with technology growing up (How could I not, I loved it!)

Fast forward about 10 years later I naturally found myself working in the IT field for large companies. However, I was still left unfulfilled. 5 or so years later I decided to branch out as a sub-contractor to other firms. I was the guy they called when things went sideways and no one else could figure it out.

However, I saw how business was conducted, and I found myself unsatisfied once again. I thought “How can things be better, simpler, faster?” And then it hit me; The thought was to open my own IT firm and to do business differently.

For over 20 years I have been passionate about helping businesses simplify their IT needs in a cost-effective manner. For me, it’s about how to make things better and more affordable for our customers, while completing the job on time and doing it right the first time. I pride myself and my company on always being there to answer your call for help when you need us the most.”

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