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Data Backup and Disaster Recovery – Avoiding Data Loss

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Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Avoiding Data Loss and what you need to know for your business.

We have all lost files before be it photos or important documents. Perhaps the loss happened because of a crashed or corrupted computer, accidental deletion or misplaced/lost media. Because of this, most people know that having a copy of that data is important and they should be backing up their data regularly. Unfortunately, despite knowing that, most people do not follow a consistent Data Backup and Disaster Recovery plan.


What is Disaster Recovery?

In the business world, it’s hyper crucial to maintain your data and protect it from loss. Disaster Recovery is a means of making sure your data is available in case of a loss.


Here are the top 4 ways data loss happens:
  1. Computer Crashes / Crypto-LockersĀ  / Ransomware / Viruses
  2. Accidental Deletion
  3. Theft (Digital and Physical)
  4. Natural Disaster (Hurricanes, Fire, Floods, etc)

You may be reading this and saying to yourself “Yes, but we have an external hard drive or “server” that we are backing up to.” — And while that is a great first step, sadly it is not enough. What would happen to your important Data should any of the above mentioned four common data loss scenarios happen? If your building flooded and zapped all of the digital equipment, could you recover? What about a hurricane or Tornado, building collapse? What if your network gets hacked and all of your systems hi-jacked with crypto-lockers or Ransomware, could you recover?


The fact is that while recovery can potentially happen, data recovery services are very expensive and will cause your business a lot of down-time. Could your business continue to operate if you lost your QuickBooks files or your customer/vendor lists?


Avoiding Data Loss and Downtime

Here at Synack Technology Services, we take Data Backups and Disaster Recovery planning very seriously. We encourage all of our customers to operate on our 3-2-1 plan. By using Military Grade Encryption and keeping multiple copies and revisions both on-site and securely stored off-site your company will be in a position to mitigate data loss from any scenario and allow for a fast and full recovery from anywhere in the world.


Don’t risk losing your Critical Business Data. Let us help you be resistant to Data loss and protect you from the unexpected!

If you are interested in learning more about how we can protect your business and critical data from loss please read more here: Link or contact us today by clicking here or calling us on 631-403-1104


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