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Here is what every website sees about you: 

Your IP Address is:
Your ISP is:
Your System Details Are: CCBot/2.0 (

In most cases, this is the only information a Hacker needs to start attacking you.

Cyber Security and Your Business

It’s important for businesses of all sizes and industries to protect their data and network from malicious Hackers and Data Breaches. In fact, Small Business Networks are the Perfect Place for Attackers to hide as their Networks are less likely to be audited as frequently as a large scale business or a Government Agency. 

Fact: According to a study done in 2020 Cyber Security Data Breaches cost small businesses on average $3.86 Million per incident. Most intrusions were conducted by low-level hackers using un-sophisticated attacks due to poor Cyber Security Policies and mis-configurations at small businesses. Could your company afford to and recover from one single incident?

Our Cyber Security protection and monitoring services will stop these Cyber Security criminals dead in their tracks, protecting your reputation and your wallet. Your Cyber Security is our priority!

We are offering a free audit for companies who want to better understand their Cyber Security posture. Call us today at 631-403-1104 or use the contact form below.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is a method used to test your network security just the same way a bad actor would. By utilizing the same methods and tools the bad guys use, we can spot security issues well before they do.

Vulnerability Testing

Vulnerability testing identifies security flaws inside of programs, devices, and network configurations. Hackers use Vulnerabilities to gain access to your systems and networks.

SOC Services

SOC Services enables a qualified Security Operations Team to monitor your network for potential intrusions and remediate them in real-time.

Employee Training

Most security breaches occur through what is called "Social Engineering", which uses psychological tricks to dupe a user into clicking a malicious link or attachment. Employee training is critical.

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