Working Remotely From Home: What you need to know in 2020

Working Remotely From Home: The Top 5 Things You Must Have and Know With the COVID-19 Pandemic in full swing here in the US with the epicenter being in New York, many small businesses were forced to scramble to figure out a way to let their employees keep working remotely from home. Many small businesses […]

What is Open Source Software and is it right for Your Business?

Is Open Source Software Right for Your Business? In this topic, we will discuss what Open Source Software (OSS) is and how it could help your business and your bottom line. In its basic sense, Open Source Software is better known as OSS. OSS is basically software that is built by developers from all over […]

RAID Arrays – What you need to know

Hardware v.s Software Raid Arrays What is it and what you need to know. RAID Arrays (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) is a set number of disks that act together in a group to offer fault-tolerant storage for files and data. There are different levels of RAID that offer different options to users to allow […]

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery – Avoiding Data Loss

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Avoiding Data Loss and what you need to know for your business. We have all lost files before be it photos or important documents. Perhaps the loss happened because of a crashed or corrupted computer, accidental deletion or misplaced/lost media. Because of this, most people know that having a copy […]


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