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The Different Types of VPN

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What is a VPN?

You have probably seen the commercial on TV or ads online talking about VPN’s and how they protect your online presence, but there are actually two types of VPN’s. In this article, we will help clarify what each type of VPN is and how it helps you.

VPN VS VPN: What is the difference?

VPN for Surfing Online

The first type of VPN is the one you have heard about on TV or in ads online. This type of VPN is a service you subscribe to which requires either a software program installed on every one of your devices or a configuration change made on your Router/Firewall. This type of VPN changes your external IP address that is seen by websites and services. By obfuscating your real IP address this helps hide your true identity to help prevent website tracking or otherwise malicious activities from attacking your real IP address and networks/devices.

VPN For Secure Remote Access

On the contrary to the above-mentioned VPN, this type of VPN allows remote users and workers to securely connect back to their home/office networks and resources. By encrypting the communications and providing strong authentication remote workers are able to safely connect from any remote connection with an internet connection. 


While both services share the same name, the use cases are much different as you can see. While we certainly recommend using both, we also suggest other methods and technologies to help further the goal of security for both use cases.

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